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Environmental Initiatives

at the Adelaide Showground

A Commitment to the Environment 

The Adelaide Showground, a venue that accommodates more than 1.5 million visitors annually, has always held environmental sustainability as a priority. Through renovation and innovation, the Adelaide Showground recognises that it is our responsibility to create and implement sound environmental principles throughout the organization. We are committed to ensuring the Showground and events meet strict environmental criteria in accordance with current legislation, regulatory and statutory requirements.

Harnessing the Elements

The Adelaide Showground has installed more than 12,000 square meters of rooftop solar panels generating 1,400 mega-watt-hours (MWh) of solar electricity each year – the equivalent of powering 250 South Australian homes. This saves around 1,400 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. We have also installed a windmill, pumping stored water to a header tank - providing easy access to water for landscape watering. 
Adelaide Showground Environment Sustainable Lighting

Energy Management

The Society has undertaken numerous initiatives to reduce our energy consumption. These include High efficiency ‘green’ fluorescent lighting, Movement sensors in toilets to control lighting and ventilation and Sky lights in toilets and gallery areas. We also regularly audit our building’s energy performance and make improvements. Recently replacing 400W Metal Halide Lights with 250W LED lights in the Ridley Centre, as well as fitting the Main Arena Light Towers with LED's - using half the power of the previous lights. 

Waste Management

The Adelaide Showground is proud of our Waste Management policies, ensuring a total 98.6% of Showground waste is recycled or reclaimed. Through our event partners and organisers, we encourage the reduction of future waste from both an attendee and exhibitor point of view. 

Initiatives which run throughout the year include recycling of materials, i.e. cardboard, cans/bottle, print toners, electronics, organic waste and composting of green waste. The Showground is also looking to introduce a multi-bin system on a permanent basis across all events. The multi bin system will include general waste, cans, bottles, cartons, organic food waste and compostables. 

Adelaide Showground Environment Waste Management
Adelaide Showground Environment Water Management

Water Management

A 3.5-million litre underground water storage tank supplies toilet flushing, irrigation, and associated water features across the northern half of the showground. The roof catchment for the tank yields approximately 10-million litres per annum. Water captured from the Dairy Pavilion roof is injected into the local aquifer. All toilets fitted with dual flush systems, regular maintenance prevents water leaks and biodegradable cleaning products reduce harm in the waste water system.

Going Green

We pride ourselves on keeping the Adelaide Showground a welcoming, green space. Our Greening Initiatives include 70 mobile planter boxes, an additional 93 trees to the newly-developed North-West carpark, as well as an extra 1000sq metres of turf and garden beds along our North fence line covering over barren walls. We also plant a wide variety of flowering species so there is a food source for bees all year round, as well as a roof-top bee colony, currently home to two Bee Hives with plans to expand to include more hives.

Other Initiatives Include:

Adelaide Showground Environment Public Transport


The Adelaide Showground strongly encourages attendees to travel to events via public transport or walking and cycling. Extensive infrastructure has been put in place including bike parking facilities, the incorporation of public transport facilities in the Goyder forecourt, connection to the Adelaide train network through the Showground Train Station, as well as close connections to bus and tram routes along Goodwood Road and ANZAC Highway. 

Adelaide Showground Environment Catering


The Adelaide Showground, in collaboration with contract caterer O’Brien Group Australia (OBGA) proactively investigate programs to better understand carbon reduction opportunities across our operations. Clients' sustainability concerns are equally important to us as it is to them how we source, prepare and provide food. The Showground also encourages event organisers to consider alternative systems for food presentation and serving, as well as preparation and disposal.

Adelaide Showground Environment Education


The Adelaide Showground is committed to protecting the environment, as well as aiming to provide a valuable educational resource for our staff and the wider community. Through initiatives such as a permanent ‘Environmental Walk’, Rooftop Tours to showcase the Solar Panel Array and active Beehives and additional training for RA&HS Employees.

    Area 6,400m2 Dimensions 100m x 64m Ceiling Height 10m (8m floor to catwalk) Electrical Available via 9m Grid Floor Pits Water Available via 18m Grid Floor Pits Loading Dock 6m high x 8m wide (access via Goodwood Road)
    Public Entry via Duncan Gallery, Atrium & Goyder Plaza Toilets to the North & South Carpeted Floor 600 Lux Lighting Security Cameras & Alarms Access to Jubilee Pavilion via Duncan Gallery Access to Mezzanine level Evaporative Cooling Gas Heating ATM Internal Café available Organisers Office Disabled Access Exhibitor & Organiser Parking Operable Wall to divide into North & South sections Access to Goyder Mezzanine break out rooms x 3 Access to Atrium break out rooms x 2
    Electrical Phone & Wireless Internet Water & Waste Gas Public Address System

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