Stirling Angas Hall

A medium sized flexible event space, surrounded by lush greenery and direct access from the newly redeveloped North West Car Park.

Ideal for:
Clearance & Product Sales
Trade Shows
Indoor/Outdoor Events
Cocktail: 1100
Exhibition Booths: 92
Pavilion connects to:
Kingsway, North West Carpark, Hamilton Boulevard
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Pavilion Location:

Versatile Venue Space in
Lush Green Surrounds.

Surrounded by the Hamilton Boulevard to the East and the Kingsway precinct to the South, the extensive grass areas lined by trees exude a cooling and calm feel to the Stirling Angas Hall. Not only providing a visually appealing exterior, but also providing space for break-outs and
"pop-up" style catering outlets.  
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Additional Information

Industrial Event Space Adelaide

A Strong Venue Space

The asphalt floor of the Stirling Angas provides a safe and easy to clean floor for hosting displays and demonstrations that may cause mess. Allowing for a wider variety of events and the ability to host indoor/outdoor functions without the worry of cleanup afterwards.

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The Skys the Limit

With eight metre high ceilings, the ability for rigging and large scale displays held in the Duncan Gallery couldn't be easier. If you're looking for a medium scale event space, that offers the height of a large pavilion, but with less floorspace, the Duncan Gallery is a great option.

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